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The Leadership Greater Madison Alumni Association believes that by supporting the goals and activities of the current LGM class, we can help to strengthen the LGM program and ensure today’s graduates enjoy the LGM experience as much as we did. We work to keep LGM alumni informed regarding the progress of the current LGM class, and provide opportunities to help make LGM as effective and memorable today as it was for us.

News from LGM20, August 2013

Partnerships play a key role in LGM20 team projects. Not only are project team members learning how to create partnerships to advance their plans, but each project focuses on examining and supporting existing partnerships or helping forge new ones. LGM20 team projects are addressing a variety of issues — economic development, social service, K-12 education and quality of life.

The Economic Development team is exploring ways to enhance and encourage entrepreneurism and engagement within the minority community. Recognizing the gap in minority and emerging professional participation on many Dane County boards, committees and commissions, plans are for the team to partner with MadREP and the Urban League of Greater Madison to create an online directory that links volunteer leadership opportunities with potential candidates. The City of Fitchburg has expressed interest in being a pilot community for the project.

The Social Services team is advancing plans to convene a summit on homelessness this fall. In October, the team will bring together local organizations, business leaders and community members for a day-long summit that will examine various aspects of homelessness in Madison and Dane County; discuss local collaborative efforts that address the issue; and explore best practices elsewhere in the country. The team’s third party position provides a unique opportunity to bring together divergent stakeholders for the shared purpose of tackling the growing and timely issue of homelessness.

The Education team is working on a project that would help nurture student leaders through the development of a youth leadership program. Team members recognize that it’s never too early to learn leadership skills or begin to develop civic-minded citizens and are working with educational leaders to help develop a leadership-training program aimed at high school juniors.

The Quality of Life team is developing a strategy that will enlarge the pool of educational tutors by creating partnerships between Schools of Hope and businesses and organizations throughout the Madison area. To meet the growing need for educational tutors at all levels, this LGM20 project team will create pathways between the business and educational community that will connect students with tutors and help develop sustainable partnerships between educators and business leaders.

Partnerships created and supported by LGM20 team projects not only strengthen the greater Madison area, but provide valuable leadership training opportunities to LGM members. LGM20 members are learning firsthand that when it comes to leadership and making a difference in the community, the strength is in the collaboration.

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The class has also created Initial LGM20 Team Project Descriptions. Please take a look and consider whether you have expertise or insights to lend as a valuable alumni connection to help them advance their projects.

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